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Deep Operational Experience & Understanding Of Africa's Agriculture & Food Sectors 

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Agrolay is passionate about Agriculture and Food in Africa. Our firm was established in 2015 with a view to contribute to transforming the agricultural ecosystem in Africa. We live and breathe this ethos every single day, investing in entrepreneurs that are making bold moves in multiple sectors that have the capacity to transform food systems. We benefit from having a 360 degree perspective on the food sector, given Ada Osakwe, the firm’s Founder has built successful careers in private sector, development finance, public sector and more recently, entrepreneurship, in Africa. Her work  has taken her to over 30 countries in Africa,  and she understands not just the policy aspects of agricultural transformation but has also ‘rolled up her sleeves’ to build agro-processing and food companies from the ground up, thereby understanding the operational intricacies or running an agribusiness enterprise in Africa. In January 2018, Agrolay was featured as one of Business Day’s ‘Most Innovative Companies in Nigeria’.



Agrolay  has spent years advising, incubating and investing in food entrepreneurs and enterprises across the entire food value-chain and in each region of the Continent. Specifically, Agrolay has been at the fore-front of the emergence of a new type of agribusiness entrepreneurship with a focus on industralizing African agriculture by developing  food brands and cuisine that primarily utilize local ingredients. The Company, which is founded and run by a woman, is particular about supporting women-owned businesses to thrive and generate economic wealth. The Founder and her partners have designed and led numerous training programs on agribusiness investments strategy, entrepreneurship, and investments for both public and private stakeholders.

Experience In Identifying, Training, Mentoring and Investing in Exceptional African Food Entrepreneurs Across The Value-Chain

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